Clubs and Activities

Two students smiling with arms crossed.
Photo by Javier de León.
STA School invites selected students in grades 6-8 to participate and compete in the Academic Decathlon each year. Students are chosen based on academic performance and a willingness to work above and beyond what is expected of them academically.
Music has returned to STA! Selected students in grades 5-8 can join the school choir, which sings during our weekly Thursday mass. Basic music instruction is provided to all STA students.
Students in grades 6-8 have the opportunity to run for Student Council each year. The Student Council serves as the student leadership team for our school, organizing student activities and events, leading weekly assemblies, acting as student ambassadors, and leading the student body through their positive example.
The Tippy-Toes Dance program is available afterschool for students in grades TK-3. For more information, contact the school office at (323) 261-6583.
Yearbook Club is a wonderful opportunity for academic growth. Participating students will develop their teamwork, time management, creative writing, and design skills. The Yearbook Club not only sees an annual project though from initial design to final print, they also capture unique moments that will be cherished for years to come.