Office Hours:

M, T, Th, F             7:30a-3:30p

W                           7:30a-3:00p

School Schedule:

8:00a           First Bell

8:05a           Tardy Bell

Students arriving at 8:05a or later must report to the office for a tardy slip.

Outdoor assembly is each Monday morning only.

10:00-10:20a         Recess (TK-Gr. 4)

10:20-10:40a         Recess (Gr. 5-Gr. 8)

12:00-12:40p         Lunch (TK-Gr. 4)

12:20-1:00p           Lunch (Gr. 5-Gr. 8)

3:00p                      Dismissal

Wednesday Only:

10-10:20a        Recess everyone

12-12:40p        Lunch everyone

1:45p               Dismissal

2-4:30p            Faculty Meetings (PD)


8:00a-9:00a     School Mass (all grades)


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